Hiralal Mazumdar Memorial College for Women

Re-Accredited by NAAC with B++ Grade - 2016

Department Of Psychology

About Department

Course(s) Offered: Undergraduate

Year of Establishment: Honours: 2006; General: 2014

Honours curriculum is offered with Sociology, Economics, Computer Science, Political Science as general subjects (As per students’ choice).

General curriculum is offered with Sociology, Economics, and Political Science.

Department of Psychology aims to provide a wholistic learning environment to the students where they can get proper care, guidance and support to utilize their inner potentials to the utmost. Students are encouraged to maintain healthy and cordial relationships amongst them. Participation in co-curricular activities are also encouraged. Creative and innovative ideas from the students are also nurtured and encouraged. At present, the department runs successfully with the help of five faculty members who maintain cordial relationships with the students as well as with all other staffs of the college.


Departmental  Events—

  • Seminars/ Interactive workshops are organized by the department to help students gain knowledge, share their views, opinions, and life-experiences on some particular object, topic or issue.   
  • Parent-Teacher Meetings are held regularly to communicate with the guardians of the students about their daughters’ performances and progress in academic and related areas.
  • Departmental meetings among faculty members are arranged from time to time to discuss different academic and related issues.
  • Every year, students sincerely celebrate Teachers’ Day and Freshers’ Welcome.


Continuing Online Activities—  Online classes for both Hons. and General students are being taken by the teachers of the department via web-platforms like Skype, Google Meet, Google Duo to complete the entire syllabus. In addition to that, webinars are being conducted to help and enrich students to deal with their mental-health issues, and to generate awareness among the community at large regarding the handling of other sensitive issues like parenting/caregiving in this pandemic situation. Project works are also being done by the students under the guidance of the teacher(s).