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Women Cell

Gender Equity Cell

Gender equity means respecting all people without discrimination, regardless of their gender. It also means addressing gender inequalities that limit a person's ability to access opportunities to achieve better health, education and economic opportunity based on their gender. Preparing all stakeholders for their rights to personal respect and safety and provision of an environment that is safe and free from all forms of harassment and violence.

Present Gender Equity Cell Members

# Name Portfolio
1 Dr. Soma Ghosh Principal & Secretary
2 Dr. Pritha Kundu Convenor
3 Smt. Rituparna Maity Jt. Convenor
4 Dr. Debasmita Pathak Jt. Convenor
5 Smt. Mitali Palodhi Advisor
6 Dr. Nilanjana Dasgupta Advisor
7 Dr. Sujata Mukhopadhyay NSS Programme Officer
8 Smt. Munmun Nandi Teaching Member
9 Dr. Pritha Kundu Teaching Member
10 Dr. Chandrabali Dutta Teaching Member
11 Smt. Soma Saha Teaching Member
12 Smt. Tanushri Chakraborty Teaching Member
13 Smt. Mousumi Bhowmick Teaching Member
14 Smt. Soumi Mukherjee Teaching Member
15 Smt. Debasmita Pathak Teaching Member
16 Smt. Kamalika Das Majumdar Teaching Member
17 Smt. Shilpa Das Non-Teaching Member
18 Smt. Sreeparna Chatterjee Non-Teaching Member

Report of Gender Equity Cell

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