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Year of Establishment: Honours: 2006; General: 2014. Honours curriculum is offered with Sociology, Economics, Computer Science, Political Science as general subjects (As per students’ choice). General curriculum is offered with Sociology, Economics, and Political Science. Department of Psychology aims to provide a holistic learning environment to the students where they can get proper care, guidance and support to utilize their inner potentials to the utmost. Students are encouraged to maintain healthy and cordial relationships amongst them. Participation in co-curricular activities are also encouraged. Creative and innovative ideas from the students are also nurtured and encouraged. At present, the department runs successfully with the help of five faculty members who maintain cordial relationships with the students as well as with all other staffs of the college.

Present Faculties

  • Dr. Rajasree Chakraborty (HoD)

    SACT I
    M.Sc., Ph.D. || Experience : 16 years
  • Dr.Arpita Mukherjee

    SACT I
    M.Sc, PhD || Experience : 14 Years
  • Dr.Padmaja Bardhan

    M.Sc., Ph.D || Experience : 25 Years
  • Smt.Sharmistha Mitra

    M.A, P.G. Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology || Experience : 5 years
  • Smt. Arpita Das

    M.Sc., P.G. Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology || Experience : 4 Years
  • Smt. Rupsa Chatterjee

    M.A., P.G. Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology || Experience : 2 Years
  • Smt. Sahana Chakravarty

    M.Sc., P.G. Diploma in School Counselling & P.G.D. in Disability and Rehabilitation management || Experience : 3 years

Teaching Plan

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Departmental Activities

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3 Schizophrenia Case Study View File
4 Mental Health Awareness Camp by Student's Health Home View File
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Webinars/Seminars Held

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Research Activities

# Numbers Type of Publication File
1 1. Chakraborty, R. & Mukherjee, A.(2023) . A Review of Psychological Trauma Faced By Marital Rape Victims. In Bose, R.(Ed.). Laws Relating To Marriage, Separation, Divorce and Maintenance", Notion Press, Kolkata.pp1-16 (ISBN 979-8-89-133092-4) -
2 2. Mukherjee, A. (2023). Relating Gender and Life Satisfaction: An empirical study. In Sen, R. (Ed.). Gender and Culture, Avenel Press, West Bengal. pp. 193-203 (ISBN 978-93-94744-82-0) -
3 3 Mitra et al., (2022) Nature of personality patterns and coping strategies among female Indian classical dancers (Bharatanatyam dancers) and contemporary dancers, 2.5 (12-20) (DOI- 10.55162/MCMS.02.033) -
4 4 Mukherjee, A. (2021). Social Cognition, Social Thinking.In Das, S., & Dasgupta, S.(Ed.). Samaj Manobigyaan, West Bengal State Book Board, Kolkata,pp. 27-56 (ISBN 978-81-951559-8-9). -
5 5 Chatterjee, R & Dasgupta, S. A comparative study of some psychosocial correlates in a group of institutionalized & non-institutionalized elderly individuals. International Journal of Scientific Research. V-9.11.2020:29-31 -
6 6 Chakraborty, R., Dasgupta, M., and Sanyal, N. (2019). A comparative psychosocial study of aggression, attachment style and other personality correlates among orphans, destitutes, creche-attenders and normal children, SIS Journal of 6 Page 6 Mental Health and Projective Psychology, Vol. 26, No. 1, pp. 41-50. (ISSN 0971- 6610) -
7 7 Chakraborty, R., Dasgupta, M. and Sanyal, N. (2019). Responses to a specific image of SIS-II test: A re-consideration for ‘Typical responses,’ Journal of Psychometry, Vol. 33, Issue 2, pp. 14-19. (ISSN 0971-6939) -
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10 10 Bhattacharya, S.,Das, A., & Ghosh, P., (2018).  A study on mental health status as expressed by the girl students belonging to north, central and south zone of Kolkata city, '  Paripex-Indian Journal of Research, Vol. 9. Issue 7,pp 17-19. (ISSN 2250-1991). -
11 11 Mukherjee, A. & Dasgupta, S. (2017) Role of Music Training in Anxiety and Self Esteem of Adults. Indian Journal of Community Psychology. Vol 13 (2), (ISSN 0974- 2719) -
12 12 Mukherjee, A. & Dasgupta, S. (2012). Impact of Sex Role Identity & Attitudes on Life Partner Choice. Journal of Community, Guidance & Psychology. Vol 29 (2), (ISSN 0970- 1346) -
13 13 Chakraborty, R., Dasgupta, M. and Sanyal, N. (2015). A Comparative Psychosocial Study of Aggression, Attachment Styles and Personality among Orphans and Normal Children. Journal of Projective Psychology & Mental Health, Vol. 22, Issue 2, pp. 103-114. (ISSN 0971-6610) -

Academic Resource Bank

# Title Session Semester File Link
1 Triguna and Personality Pattern 2020-21 NA Go to link
2 Question Bank 2020-21 View File NA
3 Question Bank 2020-21 View File NA
4 Question Bank 2020-21 View File NA
5 Question Bank 2020-21 View File NA
6 Question Bank 2020-21 View File NA
7 Question Bank 2020-21 View File NA
8 Question Bank 2020-21 View File NA
9 COVID-19 Motivational Speech by Departmental Teacher 2020-21 NA Go to link
10 Post Pandemic Mental Health Challenges 2020-21 NA Go to link
11 Pro-environmental Behaviour and Mental Health 2021-22 NA Go to link
12 Process of Empowerment 2022-23 View File NA
13 The Importance of Community Development 2022-23 View File NA
14 Mental Health Awareness Programme Part-2 2022-23 NA Go to link
15 Mental Health Awareness Programme Part-1 2022-23 SEM 4 NA Go to link