Right to Information

Statutory Declaration under the RTI Act 2005

Section 4 (1) (b) of RTI Act 2005 covers the statutory declaration of Dr. Soma Ghosh, Principal, Hiralal Mazumdar Memorial College for Women. Website :https://www.hmmcollege.ac.in. Our college is affiliated to the West Bengal State University, aided by Govt. of West Bengal. The College has formed the RTI Cell from 04.01.2016 vide GB dated. 11.12.2015 following the direction of West Bengal State University. As per West Bengal Govt. Memo No. ED-1964/2017 dt. 22.09.2017 college has formed a new RTI Cell with a (SPIO) and an Appellate authority. The college has a Governing Body, IQAC and College Development Committees. It runs as per the rules and regulations made by West Bengal State University and Govt. of West Bengal from time to time. The College comes under "Grant-in-Aid" category; therefore financial transactions are audited by the panelled auditors recommended by the Director of Public Instructions, Education Directorate, Govt. of West Bengal internal audits are also done on a regular basis. The college has different cells to maintain all types of discipline in the campus. All the cells or committees of the institutions are under Statutory Bodies. The applications under the RTI Act along with a Non-judicial postal stamp for Rs. 10.00 is to be obtained in favor of Principal, Hiralal Mazumdar Memorial College for Women, Kolkata for effective execution. This application may be sent to the State Public Information Officer (SPIO), Hiralal Mazumdar Memorial College for Women or handed over in his office. All information about the college is open for the public and it can be obtained by citizens of India.

At present no RTI application is pending till date.    

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