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The Department of Computer Science was established in the year 2009 with the objective to facilitate quality transformative education in Computer Science the Department lays emphasis on theoretical and practical aspects of subjects .Each students have the opportunity to quench their thirst for computing with hands-on experiment at any time. department provides the opportunity to learn computer literacy and python programming as certificate course affiliated by west bengal state university . Infrastructure :1ICT classroom.13 well configured computer.

Present Faculties


    MCA || Experience : 8YEARS

    MTECH || Experience : 1MONTH

Teaching Plan

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1 Departmental Routine2017-2018 View File
2 Departmental routine 2018-2019 View File
3 Departmental routine 2019-2020 View File
4 Departmental routine 2020-2021 odd sem View File
5 Departmental routine 2020-2021 View File
6 Departmental routine 2021-2022 View File
7 Departmental routine 2022-2023 even sem View File
8 Departmental routine 2022-2023odd sem View File
9 Departmental routine 2023-2024 View File
10 academic plan20-21 View File
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12 academic calender2018-2019new View File
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21 cbcs computer sc gen syllabus View File

Departmental Activities

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2 course outcome View File
3 program specific outcome View File
4 recent trends in IT View File
5 quiz competetion View File
6 awarness program on mooc View File
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8 child labour poster competetion View File
9 drawing competetion View File
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16 plastics free day poster competition View File
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18 5 year action taken report View File
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Webinars/Seminars Held

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1 data is the new oil View File
2 recent trends in IT View File
3 deep dive in deep learning View File
4 cyber security View File
5 digital education View File
6 iit bombay MOOC View File

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Academic Resource Bank

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1 data hubs View File NA
2 data hazards View File NA
3 registers View File NA
4 python View File NA
5 emory mapped io View File NA
6 database model View File NA
7 dbms basic View File NA
8 addressing modes View File NA
9 process schduling View File NA
10 memory management in os View File NA
11 os introduction View File NA
12 software viva View File NA
13 seconadary storage structure View File NA
14 schdulers View File NA
15 process synchronization View File NA
16 congetion control technique View File NA
17 congetion control algo View File NA
18 computer netwoks View File NA
19 media access control View File NA
20 swiching technique View File NA
21 physical layer View File NA
22 data link layer View File NA
23 deadlock View File NA


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1 braingate View File
2 network graphs View File
3 blessings of technology View File
4 AI in agriculture View File