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About Urdu Department

Department of Urdu Offers Hons and General both along with the various combination of different subjects as general papers and AECC Urdu is also there. General and Honours department was established in the year of 2012 and 2018 respectively. The intake capacity of the department is 30.

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Present Faculties

  • Dr. S. Rehan Ahmad(In-charge)

    Assistant Professor
    M.Sc, M.A. B.Ed, PhD || Experience : 4 Years
  • Saleha Khatoon

    M.A || Experience : 4 Years
  • Rayees Ahmed

    M.A , M.Phil || Experience : 4 Years
  • Kaoser Rahman

    Will be available soon || Experience : 1 Year
  • Mir Md Iqbal Alam

    Will be available soon || Experience : 1 Year

Teaching Plan

# Title File
1 Academic Plan & Action Taken Reports(Last 5 Years)2017-2022 View File
2 CBCS Urdu Honours Syllabus View File
3 CBCS Urdu General Syllabus View File
4 CBCS Urdu MIL Syllabus View File
5 Routine 2017-2018 View File
6 Routine 2018-2019 View File
7 Routine 2019-2020 View File
8 Routine 2020-2021 View File
9 Routine 2021-2022 View File
10 Academic Monitor View File
11 Academic Calendar(2017-2022) View File
12 NEP 1st Semester Urdu Syllabus 2023 View File

Departmental Activities


Webinars/Seminars Held

# Title File
1 Extension Lecture 2019-2020 View File
2 Extension Lectures 2020-2021 View File
3 Two Days National Seminar on 1st & 2nd June 2021 View File

Educational Tour


Some of Educational Tour


Visiting WB Urdu Academy Book Fair

16 Feb 2023

The Department of Urdu visited West Bengal Urdu Academy on 16th February 2023 with 46 students and 8 Escorts/Teachers by Bus. Seven students participated in Debates and Ghazal Khawani Competition.

Research Activities


Academic Resource Bank

# Title Session Semester File Link
1 Urdu Gen Sem3 GE03 View File NA
2 Urdu Gen Sem 1 GE01 View File NA
3 urdu gen sem 2 View File NA
4 3rd Sem CC6 View File NA
5 4th Sem CC8 View File NA
6 3rd Sem CC7 View File NA
7 Urdu Question Paper DSE06 View File NA
8 Urdu Question Paper DSE05 View File NA
9 Urdu Question Paper CC14 View File NA
10 Urdu Question Paper CC13 View File NA
11 Urdu Question Paper DSE02 View File NA
12 Urdu Question Paper DSE01 View File NA
13 Urdu Question Paper CC12 View File NA
14 Urdu Question Paper CC11 View File NA
15 Urdu Question Paper CC04 View File NA
16 Urdu Question Paper CC02 View File NA
17 Urdu MIL Question Paper SEM2 View File NA
18 All Urdu Question Papers 6th Sem View File NA