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About Sociology Department

The department was established in 1988-89 under the affiliation of Calcutta University, offering General course (Undergraduate). Sociology Honours course was introduced in 1995. Since inception the department has been producing socially and intellectually sound students, who are not only competent enough to secure good marks in University Examinations but also to establish themselves in various sectors and professions in present days. Students of the department are placed in several academic and other institutions successfully. The Department at present runs successfully with the help of Six Faculty members, who share a cordial and friendly relationship with the students as well as all other academic and non-teaching staff. Sociology Department always focuses on interactive teaching-learning process through the help of organizing seminars, quiz contests, discussions etc. The Department of Sociology always aims to bridge the gap between knowledge production and practical application by linking theory and practice in a successful manner. The intake capacity of the department is 40. The department has one Departmental Staff Room and Class Room, Enriched Departmental Library containing various updated books. The department also enjoys other infrastructural facilities offered by the college like ICT enabled class room, central library etc.

Present Faculties

  • Dr. Chandrabali Dutta (HoD)

    Assistant Professor
    M.A , PhD. || Experience : 7 Years
  • . Sri. Sayantan Ghosh

    Assistant Professor
    M.A , M.Phil || Experience : 4 Years
  • Smt. Piyali Mitra

    SACT I
    M.A , B.Ed. || Experience : 7 Years
  • Smt. Kamalika Das Majumdar

    M.A , M.Phil || Experience : 12 Years
  • Smt. Oendrila Dutta

    SACT I
    M.A , B.Ed. || Experience : 8 Years
  • Smt. Triparna Sett

    SACT I
    M.A || Experience : 4 Years

Teaching Plan

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1 Academic Plan of last 5 years View File
2 Academic Calendar View File
3 Routine 2017-18 View File
4 Routine 2018-19 (1) View File
5 Routine 2018-19 (2) View File
6 Routine 2019-20 (1) View File
7 Routine 2020-21(1) View File
8 Routine 2019-20 (2) View File
9 Routine 2020-21 View File
10 Routine 2021-22 (1) View File
11 Routine 2021-22 (2) View File
12 UG CBCS Honours Syllabus View File
13 UG CBCS General Syllabus View File
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Departmental Activities

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Webinars/Seminars Held

# Title File
1 State Level webinar on ‘Parenting/Care-giving in a Pandemic’ was organized by departments of Sociology and Psychology in collaboration with BANDHU FOUNDATION, a charitable trust. Prof. Bula Bhadra, Prof. Piyali Sur, Dr. Sanchita Ghosh and Ms. Anusuya Moit View File
2 National Level E-Conference on “Childhood and Intersectionality in Indian Context” jointly organized by Sociology department and English. Speakers were Prof. Nandita Chaudhary, Prof. Bula Bhadra, Dr. Anandini Dar, Prof. Piyali Sur, Prof. Indranil Acharya, View File
3 National Level Symposium (ICSSR sponsored) webinar jointly organized by Women’s Studies, Sociology and Journalism and Mass Communication. View File
4 National level webinar for celebrating World Environment Day. Speakers were Dr. Indrajit Biswas, Sri Debottam Saha. Students and teachers participated in poster presentation and small cultural programme. View File
5 State Level Seminar cum Awareness Programme on 'Where do We Stand: Mapping Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in India" on 21.12.2022 View File

Educational Tour

Generally speaking educational tour serves as an add-on to the teaching-learning process, which with its practical orientation makes the essence of learning more interesting and effective. Though in the UG Sociology Curriculum, Educational Tour is not prescribed, yet teachers prefer to give their students some realistic and practical understandings through taking them to some short tours. In 2018 and 2022 the faculties took the departmental honours students to educational tours to enrich their sociological knowledge and horizon.

Some of Educational Tour


Research Activities

# Numbers Type of Publication File
1 College Fu Challenges and Possibilities of Online Education in Covid-19 Pandemic Era at Nivedita Colony’- done by Oendrila Dutta & Triparna Sett- 2021-22 -
2 ICSSR Spon Mapping Inclusion: Exploring Awareness about Disability related Education Policies and their Implementation in Educational Institutions in Kolkata’- done by Dr. Chandrabali Dutta and Sayantan Ghosh- 2021-22, 2022-23 -
3 Dr. Chandr Journal Article: Exploring Multidimensionality in Women’s Marginalization: The Intersection of Language, Gender and Social Class in 21st Century Kolkata -
4 Dr. Chandr Journal Article: Exploring Gender Differences in Linguistic Practices of Bengali Women in Kolkata: A Sociolinguistic Narrative -
5 Dr. Chandr Journal Article: What leads to the Ultimate Decision? A Sociological Analysis of Escalating Rates of Suicides among Children in India -
6 Dr. Chandr Journal Article: Language of Bengali Youth in Contemporary Kolkata: Popular Practices and Emerging Trends -
7 Dr. Chandr The Journey of Childhood and Intersectionality Editor of the book -
8 Dr. Chandr Exploring the Unexplored: Some Reflections on Gender, Language and Social Class Relations (Single authored book) -
9 Dr. Chandr Gender: An Urge for Deconstruction Editor and author of a chapter -
10 Dr. Chandr Gender and Language Interface in 21st Century Kolkata: A Sociolinguistic Account of Bengali Women’s Linguistic Practices In Dibyendu Ganguly ed. Understanding Social Issues: Some Reflections -
11 Dr. Chandr Exploring Reinforcement of Gendered Identity through Everyday Linguistic Practices: The Intersection of Language, Gender and Social Class in 21st Century Kolkata in Development Dialogue (Socioeconomic & Ecological Perspectives) edited by Meenakshi Srivastava, Ajay Trivedi, K.N.Bhatt, Abhinay Prasad -
12 Dr. Chandr Unveiling Gender-Language Interface in India: The Untold Account of Bengali Women’s Linguistic Experience(s) In Women Voice ed. By Sujata Banerjee Bagchi and Amit Bhowmick -
13 Dr. Chandr Netaji Subhash: Ek Porarthobadi Biplabee In Netaji Charcha- Samakaleen Bharater Prekkhapote, edited by Soma Ghosh and Aniruddha Chowdhury -

Academic Resource Bank

# Title Session Semester File Link
1 Panchayat 2020-21 View File NA
2 Individualism vs. Collectivism 2020-21 View File NA
3 Political Movements 2020-21 View File NA
4 Culture and Leisure 2020-21 View File NA
5 Difference between Radical and Liberal Thought 2020-21 View File NA
6 New Reproductive Technology and Motherhood 2020-21 View File NA
7 social stratification theory by Davis and Moore 2020-21 View File NA
8 Social Stratification and gender inequality 2020-21 View File NA
9 Political Socialization 2020-21 View File NA
10 Gender Stereotypes 2020-21 View File NA
11 Definition and Scope of Sociology 2020-21 View File NA
12 Manuel Castells 2021-22 View File NA
13 Secularism 2021-22 View File NA
14 Individualism vs. Collectivism (Full) 2021-22 View File NA
15 Ethnography 2021-22 View File NA
16 Tehri Dam case 2021-22 View File NA
17 Qualitative vs. Quantitative Approach 2021-22 View File NA
18 Qualitative Data Analysis 2021-22 View File NA
19 Definition and Scope of Sociology- Bengali 2021-22 View File NA
20 Unpaid Work 2021-22 View File NA
21 Power-Karl Marx 2021-22 View File NA
22 Middle Class Phenomenon 2021-22 View File NA
23 Gender and Work 2022-23 View File NA
24 Benoy Kumar Sarkar 2022-23 View File NA
25 Post-Industrial Society 2022-23 View File NA
26 Sociology and Common -Sense 2022-23 View File NA
27 Structural Functional Approach 2022-23 View File NA
28 D.P.Mukerji 2022-23 View File NA
29 D.P.Mukerji 2022-23 View File NA
30 Type of Society 2022-23 View File NA
31 Micro-Macro Perspective 2022-23 View File NA
32 Deductive-Inductive theorizing 2022-23 View File NA
33 Women's Movement 2022-23 View File NA
34 Radhakamal Mukherjee 2022-23 View File NA


# Title File
1 Wall Magazine on 'LGBTQ Communities- Others' View File
2 Wall Magazine on 'Menstruation related Myths' View File